Gekolina, Association for Sustainable Development

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Ulica Sergeja Mašere 19
5000 Nova Gorica – SI

Ana Kobe Tavčar, President and contact person, +386 31 755 654

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Gekolina, Association for Sustainable Development is a young non-governmental organisation, founded in 2014 in Nova Gorica. Our sustainable development oriented activities, including mostly promotion and education in the framework of sustainable mobility, cover the Goriška region. Our main aim is to change people’s travel habits and raise awareness among them on alternative modes of transport on short distances. The town of Nova Gorica offers optimal conditions for the promotion of cycling and walking given its geographical and climatic characteristics.
We aim to reduce the use of motorised vehicles and increase the use of sustainable modes of transportation – cycling, walking, public transport. Our promotional campaigns involve specific target groups, as we believe this is the only way we can achieve good results.
Besides being active in sustainable mobility, we participate in other areas, like sustainable development in agriculture and in the countryside, promotion of local self-provision with food, spatial management.