Ljubljana Cyclists Network

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Trubarjeva cesta 50
1000 Ljubljana, SI


Gašper Žemva, president
Janez Bertoncelj, contact person
yanez.bertoncelj@gmail.com, +386 31 353 764

Ljubljana Cyclists’ Network (Ljubljanska kolesarska mreža – LKM) is an NGO based primarily on volunteers work and project-based contractual employment, however it has one full time employee. The objectives of the organization are: improvement of legal framework and conditions for cycling in Slovenia, the city of Ljubljana, and the urban region; increased awareness on cycling as healthy, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation; improved planning, design, and maintenance of cycling infrastructure in the city and country. Our funding is based on memberships, donations and on various, especially EU programs dedicated to cycling and urban mobility funding (LKM was a subcontractor to CIVITAS project CIVITAS Elan and Intelligent Energy Projects Champ, Mobile2020 and Bike-track-Bike. It was also a partner in European Cyclists Federation project “Cyclo-logistics” promoting bicycle for transportation of kids, supplies etc. Most recently – in 2015 – it has received CIVITAS Capital grant to carry out international conference on transformation of Ljubljana into a bike friendly city and a guided study tour on best practices of development of cycling system in Ljubljana).
Number of members: 216

LKM is also a founder and member of Slovenia Cyclists’ Network. LKM is a founder and a member NGO network “Coalition for Sustainable Transport Policy” and a member of the national “Platform for Sustainable Mobility” and of CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia.

The main goal of the Ljubljana Cyclists’ Network civil group is a gradual but radical change in the perception of urban traffic – with cycling as one of the most important components – as well as tangible legal and infrastructural steps toward a sustainable and less polluted and friendlier environment.